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The key to younger, healthier skin is to remove the damage and ravages of time while giving your skin the tools it needs to repair and regenerate cellular functions.

Some Anti-Aging Care Options...

·         Smooth away wrinkles and damaged skin with Microdermabrasion

·         Reduce Hyper-pigmentation, lines and wrinkles while improving skin's texture with our Fruit Acid Peels and Chemical Peels

·         Slim, tone, tighten, and lift sagging jowls, and droopy eyelids with a Micro-Current Skin Tightening Lift

·         Plump up and boost collagen support While relaxing facial lines with our Photo-light treatment

·         Nourish skin daily with the proper Esthetician recommended skin care formulas

·         Keep skin professionally cared for with regular Esthetic Services.

·         Lunch-Time Peels keep skin looking fresh and healthy and is perfect for monthly maintenance

Microdermabrasion: We affectionately refer to microdermabrasion treatments as sand-blasting for the skin because it resurfaces the area of the skin being treated. Microdermabrasion removes blackheads and other cellular debris, removes hyper-pigmentation, and smoothes scar tissue using a continuous vacuum of microcrystal. It cleans pores down to the level where bacteria is fostered and extracts it.  Microdermabrasion is the ultimate deep-pore cleansing treatment and is ideal for anyone with skin congestion, fine lines and wrinkles, superficial age spots, and enlarged pores.

Chemical Peel Treatments are designed to remove superficial layers of the skin. This helps reduce shallow wrinkling and scarring, lighten hyper-pigmented spots (dark spots on the skin) and improves the appearance and health of aging and sun damaged skin. The number of peels required for any given problem varies with the strength of the solution used as well as with the individual being treated. 

Proper Daily skin care is essential to the health and appearance of your face.  Your esthetician will determine the perfect skin care formula needed to maintain the pH balance in your skin type and condition.


Micro-Current Skin Lift

While Microdermabrasion has proven and continues to be an excellent treatment for reducing lines, wrinkles, dark spots, acne, scars etc. it does little to tighten, tone, firm or lift sagging jowls or drooping eyelids, and this is where Micro-Current technology comes in as a necessary anti-aging treatment .

Micro-Current Skin Tightening & Lift

 Tone, tighten, firm and lift sagging jowl lines and droopy eye lids while slenderizing the facial contours and improving cellular functions.  Treatments are also particularly effective in improving tone around the eyes and reducing puffiness and dark circles.  Lines and wrinkles are simply lifted out while skin tightens and lifts. Micro-currents work to detoxify interstitial cellular fluids, improving the health of your skin while re-establishing cellular communication which in turn, improves the overall tone, tightness, and appearance of your complexion.  

The micro-currents issued during treatment will continue to bio-stimulate cellular function  for a period of 21 days post treatment.   Results are measurably and visibly noticeable with the 1st treatment.  Standard treatment protocol is 6 treatments  within a 6 week period for optimum results, however, your Esthetician will make the appropriate recommendation for your skin condition.

Micro-current Skin Lift                        $75

Photo-light Facial Treatment

The Photo-light Facial Treatment is another European skin care treatment which utilizes nanometers of a light wave to force a deeper penetration of our own ‘Secret Serum’ which delivers a hexapeptide formula that causes a relaxing of facial tension rather than a complete paralysis of muscle tissue as is the case with Botox.  It also contains Hyularonic Acid, the same active ingredient  used in collagen boosting/filler injections. 

Photo-light treatments are safe and natural and  may be preferable to Botox or collagen injections.  However, Photo-light treatments may  be used in conjunction with Botox, Rystelene or Collagen injections for support.

Photo-Light Treatment                $60

We recommend the Micro-current Skin Lift and Photo-light Treatments in conjunction with each other for the most significant results.  Our Secret Serum is also recommended for home use, since the micro-currents issued during your treatment continue to bio-stimulate and increase cellular metabolism for 21 days post-treatment, and will deliver the serum further down into skin cells.

Micro-Current Lift with Photo-Light  and Lymphatic Lift Mask    $125


SCS Secret Serum                                 $60



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