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Men's Skin Care & Aesthetics

Gentlemen - consider these grooming services ...

___      Basic Deep-Pore Cleansing Facial      ___

$30 / Add-on treatment mask - $10

A steam wrap opens pores and loosens impurities in skin.  Next skin is electro-brushed and pores are flushed and vacuumed to remove pore-clogging cellular debris.         Skin is then conditioned with appropriate hydrators. 

_____      Skin Detox      _____


Micro-currents cleanse interstitial cellular fluids to clean up cellular bacteria and debris that is feeding your skin cells. Effective skin care starts with this service as detoxification  works from the inside out to clear up problem skin conditions and slows down the aging process by eliminating unwanted bacteria and toxins.


  _____  Lunch-Time Peel   _____


Eliminates blackheads and Deep-cleanses pores while lightening up age spots and sun-damaged skin, smooths out facial lines and wrinkles. Overall, freshens and improves your complexion.


_____      Microdermabrasion      _____


Microdermabrasion is the ultimate deep-pore cleansing, blackhead removing, skin smoothing treatment. 

It is also an ideal solution to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pore size and superficial age spots.

Microderm services Includes pre-treatment glycolic solution to ensure better results and post-treatment therapy mask to rebuild and condition skin.  SCS Take-home skin care kit is also included with treatment.    


_____      Waxing      _____

Brow Grooming  $10

Remove the unibrow effect and keep unruly brows in check while maintaining  the natural shape of the brow without looking ‘overdone’.                          In other words, you won’t look like you just had your brows ‘done’ but you will look better!                                                      

Back or Chest Hair Removal $45 & up*

If that hairy back bothers you, wax it away! Waxing quickly removes hair leaving soft, smooth skin in its place.                                                             * only applies for extra time and materials                                                                     


 Look 10 Years Younger




Micro-Current Skin Tightening & Lift

Tone, tighten, firm and lift –

·         sagging jowl lines

·         droopy eye lids

·         slims facial contours

·         detoxify skin

·         improve hyper-pigmented skin

·         improve cellular DNA function

Treatments are particularly effective in   improving tone around the eyes and reducing puffiness and dark circles.  Lines and wrinkles are simply lifted out while skin tightens and lifts. Micro-currents work to detoxify interstitial cellular fluids, improving the health of your skin while re-establishing cellular communication which in turn, improves the overall tone, tightness, and appearance of your complexion.   

The micro-currents issued during treatment will continue to bio-stimulate cellular function for a period of 21 days post treatment.   Results are measurably and visibly noticeable with the 1st treatment.  Standard treatment protocol is 6 treatments  within a 6 week period for optimum results, however, your Esthetician will make the appropriate recommendation for your particular skin condition.

Micro-current Skin Lift                        $75


Non-Surgical Liposuction   

If you could stand a flatter chest, smaller belly, and less love-handles, then this treatment is a must have for you! This treatment is also very beneficial for men who work out and want to target fat volume and define muscle contour. 

We utilize Micro-current technology to target and reduce the volume of stored fat by:    

1. Detoxifying interstitial cellular fluids          

2.  Detoxifying  fat cells

3.  Stimulating lipolysis (fat burning)  

Non-Surgical Liposuction                   $150

 Detox Body Treatment

Full Body Detoxification                        $75

This treatment is one of the most advanced methods for full body cellular detoxification.  While most detoxification programs target the liver, kidney and colon for detoxification, this method actually targets the fat cells while supporting the liver, kidney and colon and boosting the lymphatic system.  It’s important to understand that toxins are stored in the fat cells, therefore any detoxification program should include a method for excretion of toxins from the fat cells.

Our Body Detoxification system utilizes Micro-current technology to detoxify both the body’s fat cells as well as the interstitial cellular fluids that flow in and around fat cells.  The currents issued throughout the body continue to bio-stimulate the lymphatic system for a period of 21 days post treatment.  This is a very healthful approach to detoxification while boosting your metabolism and helping with your weight reduction goals.



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