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______ Detoxifying Body Treatment ______

This treatment is one of the most advanced methods for full body cellular detoxification.  While most detoxification programs target the liver, kidney and colon for detoxification, this method actually targets the fat cells while supporting the liver, kidney and colon and boosting the lymphatic system.  It’s important to understand that toxins are stored in the fat cells, therefore any detoxification program should include a method for excretion of toxins from the fat cells.

Our Body Detoxification system utilizes Micro-current technology to detoxify both the body’s fat cells as well as the interstitial cellular fluids that flow in and around fat cells.  The currents issued throughout the body continue to bio-stimulate the lymphatic system for a period of 21 days post treatment.  This is a very healthful approach to detoxification while boosting your metabolism and helping with your weight reduction goals.                                             

                                                                                                               Full body detoxification $75

__ Non-Surgical Liposuction __ 

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_______  Hand Softening Treatment  ________

Anti-aging hand softening treatment: Exfoliation, skin brushing and massage is the perfect remedy for chronically dry hands. Heated treatment mitts drive hydrators down into cells while you relax.

Hand Softening Treatment $20

_______  Foot Softening Treatment  ________ 


Foot Softening Treatment: Exfoliation, foot massage and skin conditioning mask with heated treatment booties will have your feet soft and in great shape and looking beautiful.

Foot Softening Treatment $35





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